Contact Information

1809 Nostrand Avenue, Suite 2R
Brooklyn, NY 11226

Phone: (718) 421-4224
Fax:     (718) 421-4774


Why Choose Us

Why should you choose Helpful Hand Agency, Inc.?

  • Helpful Hand Agency, Inc. is licensed to provide home care services in the state of New York.
  • Helpful Hand Agency, Inc. employs licensed professionals to carry out care procedures following care plans that are specific to the patient’s disability or health situation.
  • Helpful Hand Agency, Inc.s staff has undergone rigorous training and on-going education to ensure that the quality of care that we provide is maintained.
  • Helpful Hand Agency, Inc. cares for patients in a home setting. You receive care right in the comfort and privacy of your own residence.
  • Helpful Hand Agency, Inc. carefully assesses the patient’s home care needs and will devise a customized care plan that will address home care requirements.
  • Helpful Hand Agency, Inc. is accredited by The Joint Commission.
  • Helpful Hand Agency, Inc. has veteran staff who have decades of combined experience in home care provision.
  • Helpful Hand Agency, Inc. offers affordable home care services and will accept various modes of payment including but not limited to: private pay, third-party insurance, long-term care insurance, and co-pays.