Why Choose Us

We support your choice to stay at home during your illness or disability. Our role is to provide you with nurses, therapists and caregivers who can competently care for you while you're at home.

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Contact Information

1809 Nostrand Avenue, Suite 2R
Brooklyn, NY 11226

Phone: (718) 421-4224
Fax:     (718) 421-4774

Email:  helpfulhand@earthlink.net

Where Healthcare Is At Its Best

Welcome to
Helpful Hand Agency, Inc.

Helpful Hand Agency, Inc. is:

  • A New York State-Licensed Home Care Agency
  • Staffed with Competent and Compassionate Nurses, Therapists and Care Professionals
  • Joint Commission Certified

We are ready to meet your home care needs in the comfort and security of your own residence. Helpful Hand Agency, Inc. serves the community in New York by providing assistance to individuals who require home care due to an illness or a disability.

We give you the reassurance and peace of mind that the right people are taking charge of your health. Care services are thoroughly planned and tailored to fit your needs. We bring the finest home care services possible through certified and licensed health care workers. To ensure that their competence continuously complies with our home care agency’s standards and that of the state, we provide continuing education opportunities that contribute to their personal and professional growth.

With twelve years of home care experience under our belt, we continue our legacy for quality, affordable and compassionate services. Management requires the staff to maintain a high regard for ethics and we exhibit this by preserving patients’ rights and dignities during the provision of care.

Being an equal opportunity employer and home care service provider, we make our services available to individuals of all ages regardless of race, creed, disability, or national origin.

Helpful Hand Agency, Inc. is part of the community – the growth of our agency hopes to contribute to the community’s growth as well. Trust in no other home care agency to meet you or your loved one’s health management needs. Call Helpful Hand Agency, Inc. at (718) 421-4224 to inquire about availability of home care services in your area.

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